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is a next generation

real estate development company specializing

in innovative urban solutions

TDG Vision

To inspire the human spirit to change the world through the delivery of innovations and projects that improve the human condition and the environment. 

TDG Mission

Ethical delivery of high-performance urban environments and solutions that are human-centric, sustainable and disrupt the traditional norms to provide a safer, more secure, and higher quality of life for all the people of Planet Earth. 

The Digit Group (TDG), is a world-renowned urban solutions company that delivers innovative real estate development projects and technology products.   TDG’s services include Urban Master Planning, Executive Program Management Office (ePMO) services, Central Building Information Modeling (BIM) Office services, Software Products and Innovation Products focused on high performance urban solutions, commonly called Smart Cities.  TDG is considered by government leaders, industry giants and the mass media to be the worldwide leader in Smart Cities design, innovative solutions, and successful project delivery.  This has led to both partnerships with world market segment leading organizations and consulting opportunities around the globe.  TDG primarily uses its own internal software and innovation products for its own processes in delivering projects but has also seen growth in packaging our innovation and technology for sale in various markets.  TDG has existing contracts and customers that comprise new and existing urban environments, designed with the foundation of human-centric design and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.   TDG’s customers include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, private real estate developers in China, US municipalities and some of the most influential Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies in the world

TDG Subsidiaries 


TDG Hong Kong

TDG Japan

TDG South Korea

TDG Global Ventures

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