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TDG Global Ventures PTE, LTD.

Singapore Registered Company


TDG Global Ventures is a global Clean Energy and associated Technology investment partner.


Assets to be held: Our investment focuses on developing global projects and technologies that cover (1) LNG infrastructure (2) Gas to Power (3) Electric Vehicles (4) Batteries (5) Hydrogen and (6) Renewable Energy.  The Company will only consider investing in projects (assets) that are being promoted and developed by renown project developers that have a global track-record of implementation and operational excellence.  The Company will hold its investment through equity in the project (asset) company directly.


Investment Plan: We offer a unique shariah compliant project finance structure to fund the projects we intend to invest with it’s select project (asset) developers.  Our initial objective is to develop projects with investment value of US$25 billion over 2-5 years.


Strategic Capital Relationship: The capital for those arrangements will come from three sources: a sovereign wealth fund which we have entered a strategic capital relationship, bank facilities and our company’s own balance sheet. The funding arrangements are consistent with the strategic vision we have outlined for our capital structure and our aim to provide shareholders with optimal risk- adjusted returns.

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